It is believed this Ganesha Idol, which is being worshipped from past four Yugas, was established by the trinities Bhrama, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

Legend goes that Lord Rama in tretha Yuga, before fighting Ravana, worshipped this Ganesha. In Dawapara yuga, Sri Krishna worshiped this Ganesha to get rid of shamantha kamaniya’s curse. It is said even the Pandavas worshiped this Ganesha. Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagara dynasty built the temple around this idol. The story goes that Genesha appeared in his dream and asked for a temple to be built around this idol, acting on which the king built this temple with meticulous details.

The saligrama Ganesha is the epicenter of all positive energy. The idol is an optical treat as, no matter how far you stand and view, it grows bigger and bigger! Defying the principals of physics, to this day this phenomena stands unexplained.