Antharagange is located just 3 Kms from Kolar; it s a sacred stream, which pours sweet water from the mouth of a bull. This scenic spot, known as Shatha Shringa Parvatha, abounds in rocks of many shapes and rare flora and fauna. The hill top resembling the hood of a snake (Havina Hede), gives a bird’s eye view of seven towns. The granite temple of Neelakanteshwara, at the foothills, is an attraction.

There are several temples on the top of the hill which can be reached with the help of a steep narrow path which leads to the mountain top. Seven villages are located on this mountain. In Kannada, the word Antara Gange means Ganges from the deep’. It is so named because there is a temple on the hill, where there is a pond from which there is a continuous flow of underground water.