Thavaru Homestay: Nearby Places


Kolara, cradled in the Shrathashringa Parvatha, ‘Hundred-Peaked Mountain’ has many stories from the legend Ramayana and a history dating back to the Gangas (350 CE to 550 CE) and many temples from the Vijayanagar period stand testimony to its antiquity.

Legend has it that Sage Jamadhagni had his hermitage in these mountains. When king Karthaveeryarjuna visited the hermitage with his army, sage Jamadhagni fed his guest and the whole army with offerings from his divine cow ‘Surabhi’.

The king on seeing the magic cow, demanded her from the sage for the betterment of his subjects; Jamadagni refused saying he needed the cow for his Ashram. The king tried taking the cow by force and when Jamadagni resisted he was killed.

Parashurama son of Jamadagni, enraged by the imperious behaviour of the King, wiped out the entire Kartaviryarjuna race. The battle that followed, is said to have taken place in this region, and the “kolahala” turbulence that followed the death of Karthaveeryarjuna gave it the name “Kolahala Pura“ which later became Kolar.
PLACES OF INTEREST within 15 minutes drive from Thavaru.
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