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Thavaru Homestay

A picture-perfect getaway near east Bangalore on Kolar road. Thavaru has everything to make you relax at a village in Bangalore – Kolar captivating nature, glory of heritage and refined luxury. The traditional architectural style of the homestay blends harmoniously with the enchanting views of stone hills, the ancient-like garden dwelling offers an immersive experience within a heritage setting.

Yoga Retreat

Where like-minded souls come together to experience the deeper meanings of life, workshop, work, family and nature.

Family Getaway

If you enjoy a family connection, like to take part in the joys and tasks of family life, and can accommodate yourself to others’ habits, homestay is just right for you.

Heart of Nature

We believe, nature is not a place to visit, it is home & at Thavaru Homestay, we create opportunities for people to come close to nature.


Trekking to sunset and sunrise points. Rock climbing can be arranged on request.

Vegetarian Food

We only serve Vegetarian food – traditional, healthy south Indian food. The discipline of yoga encourages you to have a vegetarian diet, but it is not a compulsion.

Historical Places

It is also one of the famous weekend getaways from Bangalore and an important historical site in Karnataka. This is one of the popular places.

We Offer

We want you to enjoy our comforting facilities and the awesome activities during your stay with us. We invite you to enjoy our comfortable Ethnic cottage appointed with comfortable amenities and in-room facilities.

Corporate Day Outings

We take you away from your office where you can catch a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature! We arrange for everything right from Travel, Food, Team building activities, Camping and adventure activities.

Family Getaway

Serene Surroundings. Open spaces. Elegant yet eco-friendly accommodation, designed to give you and your group space to connect with each other and soak in nature’s beauty. We make it easy for you to relax.

Outbound Training Programs

Employees get to show their adventurous side while bonding with other team members. Our Outbound Training Programs use nature to enable participants to gain powerful insights into teamwork behavior, communication and work styles.

School Trips

Bring your school, college or nursery group to Thavaru for a fun and educational day out with the wonderful spacious nature. You’ll love the great value deals, free interactive teaching session and all the amazing attractions included in your day!

Yoga Camps

We offers a range of excellent courses, workshops, and camps. The therapeutic health camps are of particular interest. These aim to overcome specific ailments including heart and respiratory problems,

Adventure Sports & Outdoor Recreation

Explore the abundant natural beauty of the Thavaru area on an outdoor adventure. Trails and other outdoor recreation areas are perfect for hiking, cycling, rock climbing, games and more


Camping experience on your mind? Planning out a Camping activity near bangalore? Gear up for your next camping or hiking adventure at Thavaru. Everything needed for you to spend time outdoor exploring the nature.

Team outings in Bangalore / Kolar / Antharagange

We offer very unique innovative and creative challenges to team members where they have to show excellent team work, coordination, communication, strategic decision making in order to complete the adventure.